Terms of Use

Terms Applicable to Registered Owner (RO) Search Requests

This Rider sets out terms and conditions governing the management, use, retention, disclosure and disposal of personal information obtained from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and disclosed by the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) to its Towing Division members.

RO-1.    Information to be Disclosed. As per its agreement with ICBC, the ARA will disclose only the following information to its members:

  • Licensing information (plate, registration number, effective and expiry date of insurance or termination date of policy);
  • Current vehicle description (VIN, model year, make, model, colour, body style, fuel, net weight (KG), gross weight (KG), and displacement;
  • RO information (current name and address of registered owner as shown in ICBC’s vehicle registration database).

The above information is considered ‘Personal Information’ as referenced in this Agreement.

RO-2.    Authorized Use. Members may only use the Personal Information disclosed to them by the ARA:

  • to collect monies owing to the member for unpaid towing invoices;
  • to transfer vehicles into the member’s name under the Warehouse Lien Act.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the member will not use the Personal Information to develop or maintain a database of vehicle owners or vehicle records for future reference.

RO-3.    Records to Establish Entitlement. No Personal Information will be disclosed to a member unless the member provides the ARA, either by fax or e-mail, with a properly filled out, legible:

  • signed copy of this agreement;
  • towing invoice supporting the members entitlement to the information.

RO-4.    Access by Employees and Security. Members will permit access to Personal Information only to those employees who need such access in order to carry out authorized use as per paragraph 2 above.

Members will at all times have in place a knowledgeable senior person within its organization to be responsible for, and to have the authority to ensure, privacy compliance generally, and compliance with this Agreement specifically.

Members will explain to and ensure that each employee with access to Personal Information is aware of the terms of this Agreement.

Members will have appropriate physical, organizational and technological security measures in place to ensure that Personal Information is collected, accessed, used, disclosed and destroyed only by authorized employees and only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

RO-5.    Storage and Destruction. Members may not disclose to any person or store Personal Information outside Canada.

Subject to any statutory obligations to which a member may be subject, members will not retain any Personal Information or any records of Personal Information in any form whatsoever (including without limitation hard copy or electronic formats), longer than is necessary to perform authorized use as per paragraph 2 above.

Once Personal Information is no longer so required, members will permanently and securely destroy the Personal Information and all records thereof in a manner that is appropriate for the media so that the Personal Information or any portion of it cannot be subsequently retrieved, accessed or used by the member or any other person.RO-6.  Privacy Policy. Members must have an information handling and privacy policy or policies in place which are applicable to all employees with access to Personal Information. Such policy must clearly set out the responsibilities of each individual in the organization to keep Personal Information secure and for complying with all applicable legislation and other generally accepted privacy principles.