Occupational Disability
Claims Management

Troubled by rising WorkSafeBC (WCB) premiums and unsure what to do?

Delays in the WCB system causing you stress?

Lack of progress on the treatment of your injured employees?

Contact TeksMed Services at 1-877-850-1021 and get the help you need to control your costs, expedite healthcare to your employees, and reduce your WorksafeBC premiums.

TeksMed Services is proud to be an affinity partner of the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA).

TeksMed Services offers an occupational disability and claims management solution that significantly reduces employee absenteeism and mitigates administration, while notably reducing WorkSafeBC costs. We also provide expedited medical services (diagnostic scans, MRI and CT Scans, as well as specialists consultation) at no additional fees. ARA members are entitled to a discounted fixed monthly rate, based on the number of employees, regardless of the number of claims. Members will also receive a participation discount, meaning the more members that sign up, the higher the savings.

Offer Details

ARA members with 1-5 employees
ARA members with 6-15 employees
ARA members with 16-25 employees
ARA members with 26-50 employees
ARA members with 51-100 employees
ARA members with more than 100 employees

Custom pricing

Up to 20% additional discounts based on group participation!

Take Advantage of This Offer

Contact: Andrew Zaborski
Phone: 1 877 850-1021
Direct: (604) 703-9850
E-mail: azaborski@teksmed.com
Website: www.teksmed.com