Occupational Disability
Claims Management

TeksMed is a leader in Canadian occupational disability management, proactively managing employee injuries and illnesses with personalized recover-at-work solutions. 

A 25% Discount on Occupational Disability Claims for ARA Members

TeksMed offers occupational disability and claims management solutions that benefit both employers and employees. Helping employees recover and return to work faster, TeksMed reduces lost time and claim costs, resulting in significant savings for employers.

TeksMed’s personalized stay-at-work program helps employers proactively manage employee injuries and illnesses, resulting in reduced absenteeism, administrative burden, and claim cost savings. In addition, TeksMed provides expedited medical services for employees, including free diagnostic imaging, specialist appointments, and surgeries.

Offer Details*

TeksMed offers ARA members custom pricing based on their claim frequency, which includes a subsequent 25% discount. ARA members can benefit from comprehensive disability management services from TeksMed, including the processing of employer’s reports of injury, return-to-work planning, and assistance with written applications for cost relief or reduction, including protests and appeals. Additionally, ARA members can access expedited healthcare services for their employees, including CT scans and MRI, as well as specialist consultations.

TeksMed also offers affordable solutions for small businesses. ARA members with fewer than 50 employees can choose to use TeksMed’s claims management services on an ad hoc basis and pay a per-claim rate, which comes with a 10% discount.

*Effective March 20, 2023

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