Automotive Business Training

RPM Training is an automotive management training and coaching company. Our mission is to inspire automotive shop owners to:  Achieve Results, Actualize Performance, and Attain Mastery in their business. We will accomplish this by providing training, coaching and business resources. The outcome will be greater freedom to choose what to do with their time and financial resources.

RPM Training was founded by Murray Voth. He is one of Canada’s most knowledgeable experts on the automotive industry, especially as it relates to business development of the independent aftermarket automotive service and repair sector.

Offer Details

ARA members will receive $100.00 off of the SMART Course and $50.00 off the Business Results Analysis Training course.

SMART Course – Service Management and Results Training

The RPM SMART Course is a unique blend of automotive shop management and service advisor training. The course is designed for shop owners, service advisors, and technicians. It teaches the primary key performance indicators and the systems and procedures required to achieve them. This course is the WHY, WHERE, WHEN, WHO, WHAT, and HOW of operating a high performance and profitable automotive repair shop.

Learning Outcomes of this course

  1. Introduction – What Is Good Customer Service?
  2. Managing the Paper and Communication Flow
  3. Scheduling – Creating a Professional Practice
  4. Dispatching – Analogue and Digital Workflow
  5. Client Consultation Process – Overcoming the Negative
  6. Measuring and Managing Service and Parts
  7. Creating Productivity & Efficiency in Time and Money
  8. Getting Paid For Testing – Throw Out The Magic Wand
  9. Inspections – The Doctor is In!
  10. Maintenance Programs – Planting A Crop for the Future!
  11. The 400% Rule – The Deferred work cycle.
  12. Conclusion – How To Make These Changes Stick!
Business Results Analysis Training

This course is primarily for automotive shop owners and managers. The purpose of this course is to help shop owners achieve the financial goals they have always wanted. This includes monthly and yearly profits, building the value of the company for future sale, and creating wealth for themselves and their families.

Learning Outcomes of this course

    1. What is the purpose of a business?
    2. What is a successful business?
    3. Start with the end in mind
    4. Understand that profit is not a dirty word
    5. Understand return on investment (ROI)
    6. Understand a balance sheet and retained earnings
    7. Learn how to read an income statement
    8. Learn how to create a good income statement
    9. Learn how to find and use industry key performance indicators
    10. Learn how to improve key performance indicators.

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